Thursday, February 7, 2008

ShrinkRap Wisconsin

Steve Singer MD is a psychiatrist and host of ShrinkRap! Wisconsin. The show combines his interest in psychiatry, politics, work, and leisure, and features interviews with politicians, public officials, active citizens, psychologists, business owners, and others willing to talk publicly about their work with a shrink.
Some of Steve's past guests have included Representative Tammy Baldwin, Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, political polling expert Dr. Charles Franklin, Municipal Court Judge Hamdy Ezalarab, 2nd District Democratic Party Chair Peter Rickman, Public Interest Advocate Cynthia Laitman, and many others. Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz will tape an interview at WYOU studio on February 11. A show covering the recent juggling festival is also in the works.
Steve's lively and probing questions delve into what motivates people who are drawn to politics, public service, and creative work and play. He creates an atmosphere that is comfortable and informal and affords his guests an opportunity to transcend the sound-bites that too often characterize public discourse.

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wyou staff said...

Loved the show with Mayor Dave! And the others too...