Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New WYOU Board Members Elected at Meeting Held at Wilmar Center

This past weekend, the WYOU annual membership meeting at the Wilmar Center in Madison was a success. Director Charles Uphoff spoke to the gathering about the state of the station as well as the need for board members to get involved with fund raising (due to the passing of the Video Competition Act which effectively placed a sunset on PEG funding in three years).

Following the Executive Director's statements, attendees heard from Eric Allin, the station's Technical Director and then Robert Lughai, Program Coordinator & Education Director.

The membership then listened to statements from those board members on the ballot before casting votes.

New board members: Natalie Hinckley, Craig Meyer (newly-appointed Treasurer), Steve Singer, and Yamina Stiet. They join existing members: Jeremy Rintz (Chair), Guy Swansboro (Vice-Chair), Sara Meredith (Secretary), Rosemary Bodolay, and Heidi Johnson.

Friday, February 22, 2008


WYOU Memebership Meeting


When: 2 PM, Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where: Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center
953 Jenifer Street
(from the capitol, go east on Williamson, right on Patterson, left on Jenifer)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Senator Erpenbach Pays Visit to WYOU

State Senator Jon Erpenbach visited WYOU Studio today, February 21, to film an interview with Steve Singer, host of ShrinkRap! Wisconsin. Senator Erpenbach is a strong supporter of local control of media, and voted against the AT&T-sponsored Video Competition Act last November, in his ongoing effort to foster good government in District 27 and throughout Wisconsin.

Jon and Steve discussed a wide range of topics, from the inner workings of the state senate, to problems in the local economy, to health care, and to the presidential race. The show will air in early March, in the ShrinkRap! Wisconsin timeslots - Mondays at 7PM, Tuesdays at 11:30AM, and Fridays at 2PM.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Producer Sankulay Jallow Meets Major Garrett

Sankulay Jallow, producer of WYOU's West Africa Experience: Music from the Continent, covered the recent visit to Madison of presidential candidate Barack Obama. While taping, he bumped into Major Garrett, a congressional correspondent for FOX News Channel. Garrett is responsible for covering congressional elections and all breaking news on Capitol Hill.

Below is the hand-written note Garrett gave to Jallow:

Monday, February 11, 2008

Mayor Cieslewicz visits WYOU

Madison's Mayor Dave Cieslewicz visited WYOU Studio today to film an interview with Steve Singer, host of ShrinkRap! Wisconsin. The mayor is a long-time supporter of local control of media, and has opposed the AT&T-sponsored Video Competition Act, in his efforts to support good government. Mayor Dave and Steve discussed a wide range of topics, including his work as mayor, his thoughts on the presidential race, and his cameo appearances on the Chad Vader series. The show airs during the ShrinkRap! Wisconsin time slots, through late February, Mondays at 7PM, Tuesdays at 11:30AM, and Fridays at 2PM.

Friday, February 8, 2008

New Classes coming to WYOU


Monday, March 3rd

(1-session course -- $15)
Learn to use chroma key techniques in your video work. "Keying" is a term used for when a background is removed from a subject. This allows a weatherman to be superimposed on animated maps or Frodo to appear in lava-filled Mount Doom. This tutorial will take you all the way from a studio shoot to final compositing (merging background and subject) on Final Cut Pro.

Monday, March 19th

(1-session course -- $15)
Easily learn to use Apple's LiveType to spice up your titles, credits, lower thirds and more! This tutorial will introduce you to the library of backgrounds and animated fonts available within LiveType. We'll then take these component pieces and put them together within Final Cut Pro to make truly professional-level credits and titles.

Coming Soon

(1-session course -- $15)
Become familiar with and learn to properly use the wide variety of microphones available at the WYOU studio in your video work. From hand-helds, lavalieres, and shotguns, to boom poles, phantom power, gain, EQ, and feedback. MMMM...Feedback.

Coming Soon

(1-session course -- $15)
From our manual camera controller units in our control room to light settings on our checkout Canon GL1 cameras, there are many ways to go right and wrong. Learn to get good color the first time in this tutorial of this equipment. Then Learn to use post-production techniques in Final Cut Pro to get your recorded color (good OR bad) to truly professional (or, at least acceptable) balance.

Coming Soon

(1-session course -- $15)
Take your green screen editing techniques to a new level using the dynamite program Adobe After Effects.

Coming Soon

(1-session course -- $15)
Learn to use our mobile mixing unit (available for checkout ONLY to certified producers) to produce real-time mixes with multiple cameras. Mix rockin' band concerts, nerdy lectures, or exciting sporting events all in real-time, cutting the need for post-production beyond adding titles.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

ShrinkRap Wisconsin

Steve Singer MD is a psychiatrist and host of ShrinkRap! Wisconsin. The show combines his interest in psychiatry, politics, work, and leisure, and features interviews with politicians, public officials, active citizens, psychologists, business owners, and others willing to talk publicly about their work with a shrink.
Some of Steve's past guests have included Representative Tammy Baldwin, Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, political polling expert Dr. Charles Franklin, Municipal Court Judge Hamdy Ezalarab, 2nd District Democratic Party Chair Peter Rickman, Public Interest Advocate Cynthia Laitman, and many others. Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz will tape an interview at WYOU studio on February 11. A show covering the recent juggling festival is also in the works.
Steve's lively and probing questions delve into what motivates people who are drawn to politics, public service, and creative work and play. He creates an atmosphere that is comfortable and informal and affords his guests an opportunity to transcend the sound-bites that too often characterize public discourse.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cap Times Exposes Corrupt Video Competition Act

Cap Times reporter Doug Moe responds to criticism by State Senator Jeff Plale of community television in general, and Cooking With Bob in particular, in his February 5 editorial. Moe writes, "We have a channel in Madison of a guy grilling a chicken; sometimes he grills lambchops," says Plale. "Should the ratepayers really pay for that?" Moe's response: "The answer to that question is an unequivocal yes."

Senator Plale, it turns out, is merely doing the bidding of the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization devoted to privatization and corporatization of publicly held interests. Read Doug Moe's article here. Thanks Doug!