Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Images from Ride-the-Drive

Mayor talks about Ride-the-Drive on WYOU

Ride-the-Drive Live on WYOU

Tune in today 10:00am(ish) - 1:00pm as we go live with coverage of the Ride-the-Drive event here in Madison.

Ride-the-Drive is a celebration of Madison's commitment to healthy, active lifestyles by riding, walking, skating, or strolling along some of our city's most beautiful streets. FREE, open–to–the–public, and a family event with plenty of activities and entertainment along the 6–mile route for kids and adults of all ages, Ride the Drive is a whole new way to experience our great city.

Bring your neighbors, bring your friends, bring out the entire family, and join us for a car–free, care free celebration of Madison.

WYOU camera teams will be out roaming the streets, talking to folks, filming people eating food on the pavement of East Washington Avenue, and covering the live bands performing in the middle of intersections.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Final Youth Video Camp of the Summer

Today we finished up our final youth video camp of the summer. Over the last 3 months, we've been having groups of school kids here at the station teaching them a variety of hands-on skills. Video production, TV and film development, camera use, acting and editing were just some of the subjects. Depending on the focus of the group and the age level, the kids would either work in front or behind the camera (or both). Some classes had the kids in the editing room, out on live shoots, or deep into the hands-on of creating short narratives and documentary films.

Most of the groups of kids came to the station through a joint venture with the Wisconsin Youth Company. Additional groups included the Madison School and Community Recreation, foreign exchange students, Cub Scouts, home schoolers and more.

Below is one of the many short films produced by the students.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July 31, WYOU Youth Immersion Video Camp

Two weeks before the 31st WYOU hosted a youth camp in correspondence with the Wisconsin Youth Company. We've done camps like this for years, but never anything as special and in-depth as this camp.
The kids learned how to use cameras, edit their films on the computer, and got to experience a live filming on the 31st. They produced a few short skits--fully edited--and also footage of a circus camp.

WYOU at the Atwood Summerfest

The Atwood Summerfest is a great opportunity to enjoy live music, eat food, buy local and handmade goods, play games, make art and, of course, have a drink. Free for all ages, it's a great way to spend a nice summer day. WYOU went to film the goings-on on the 25th.