Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WYOU Lives!

Wow, it’s been 11 months since an entry was posted here. What have we, what has anyone, been doing at WYOU in those 11 months? Or the last two years? Well, lets just say that weathering the storm that hits after losing all funding isn’t easy! We did finally manage to get the dead plant out of the front window, though, among other things. . .

Let me just say that when I say “we,” I mean a handful of very dedicated volunteers - those that staff the office, those that comprise the board of directors, an invaluable business manager and a couple of former staff who continue to make huge contributions in time and expertise. WYOU would have folded early in 2011 without these people.

The past two years has been spent keeping WYOU’s head above water. Who would be there to open the doors for producers? Who is watching the mail for bills and answering the phone and email? Who will fix the signal the next time it goes down? Who is organizing the classes we offer? How will we raise funds to pay our rent? Though our current efforts are not perfect, we’ve managed to survive. While many of these tasks don’t involve rocket science, organizing people and fitting their busy schedules together can be like herding a bunch cats.

Now that we’re better organized, we’re kicking off 2013 with a major fund raiser. As one esteemed board member puts it, “With updated equipment and a high-speed Internet connection, we will be able to generate revenue by teaching community members how to participate in today’s modern media landscape.” That means better cameras, better editing software and a better signal that doesn’t freeze up, black out or otherwise “go down.”

Some may say, “Hey, why bother? The funding is gone. The signal is crap, the cameras are older than dirt, the door is locked and the plant is dead. Let’s just forget the whole thing.”

As the Federal Communications Act of 1934 states, “The airwaves belong to the people.” So what if WYOU goes out over cable, the principle is the same! Mainstream television excludes the voices of everyday people, so WYOU is here to encourage those voices. We give local people the opportunity to develop and present their ideas in video format - to air on our channel or on the Internet. We feel this is an invaluable resource that really brings a fresh perspective to a myriad of subject matter. It is local, it is Wisconsin, it is YOU.

We depend on your participation - produce a show, take classes, volunteer your time. If you have an idea for WYOU - how it can become more of what you want in the community - please do let us know. We want to know what you’re thinking out there. Become part of the exciting “modern media landscape.” Make it your own!

If you’re in a position to make a financial contribution, I can’t impress upon you enough how much we really need it. Click to donate, or send us a check!

We’ll be posting a monthly entry to our blog to keep you apprised of what is going on at WYOU. And look for us in the new year when we raise funds for our upgrade! Thank you for all your support and patience over the years. Happy holidays to you! Oh, and let me just say that our cameras are not REALLY older than dirt.

Long live WYOU!
Emily, Board Member