Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sean of WYOU

For those who don't know me, My name is Sean Bode and I'm a freelance videographer.  I joined WYOU in 2003, shortly after I became president of the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum.   Screenwriting has been described as masochistic, with the writer devoting so much time to her/his project, only to torment themselves by rewriting and endless marketing.  I wanted to go beyond this and create my own projects without the continuous waiting game.  That's when former WYOU member Aaron Catalano introduce me to the station.  WYOU offered classes for camera and editing.    Once I learned the basics, I was about to combine my knowledge with my creativity.  Some of my projects include short films, kids' documentary and taped children's stage shows.
In 2011, the station was undergoing a transformation: it's PEG funds had been cut and staff laid off.  I felt it was important to get involved and joined the board to keep WYOU on the air.  I assisted with fundraisers and brainstormed for new ideas.  I will be stepping down this year, and I hope the new board will be able to continue with its excellence.