Monday, July 12, 2010

WYOU Police La FĂȘte de Marquette Festival

WYOU staff and volunteers were out in force, literally at this year's La Fete de Marquette Music Fest in Madison. Dressed as members of the National Gendarmerie, WYOU volunteers greeted festival revelers and collected donations to help keep future festivals free. We also answered important questions such as, "Where are the Porta Potties?" and "Is there an ATM on site?" Super fun for a super good cause.

WYOU volunteer efforts helped raise nearly $4000 for the festival!

Volunteer Ellen Ferencek (oops, no photo!)

La Fete de Marquette Music Fest

Gary Kallas (festival organizer), Robert Lughai

Robert Lughai, Barbara Bolan

Janet Kjelland, Yamina Stiet

Heidi Johnson

Jeremy Rintz

Tony Zirngible

Rose Sime

Jason Kwiatkowski, Yamina Stiet

Joe Soko and Tony Aguilar

Yamina Stiet, Barbara Bolan, Sharon Evans

Barbara Bolan, one of Madison's (real) police officers, Robert Lughai