Wednesday, August 20, 2014

40 Years with WYOU

Dear Friends,

Forty years on, WYOU Lives. And we're having a party to celebrate!

WYOU Lives because Madison supports community access television of, by and for the people. WYOU Lives because of people like you. And WYOU now lives in the Central Library. The state-of-the-art media lab is also WYOU Community Television's new home.

WYOU lives!

Help us raise $10,000 for new field production equipment. So WYOU can turn our attention to what really matters - producing and transmitting quality programming, and training the next generation of videographers and producers. And to ensure Madison has the community media center it needs and deserves.

You know we need WYOU. We know WYOU needs you. Please join us to celebrate our past and help secure our future.

WYOU lives!

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