Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New WYOU Board Members Elected at Meeting Held at Wilmar Center

This past weekend, the WYOU annual membership meeting at the Wilmar Center in Madison was a success. Director Charles Uphoff spoke to the gathering about the state of the station as well as the need for board members to get involved with fund raising (due to the passing of the Video Competition Act which effectively placed a sunset on PEG funding in three years).

Following the Executive Director's statements, attendees heard from Eric Allin, the station's Technical Director and then Robert Lughai, Program Coordinator & Education Director.

The membership then listened to statements from those board members on the ballot before casting votes.

New board members: Natalie Hinckley, Craig Meyer (newly-appointed Treasurer), Steve Singer, and Yamina Stiet. They join existing members: Jeremy Rintz (Chair), Guy Swansboro (Vice-Chair), Sara Meredith (Secretary), Rosemary Bodolay, and Heidi Johnson.

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Anonymous said...

Was this the annual member meeting or a staff meeting? This report makes it sound like the board sat idle as the staff gave reports. Who called the meeting to order, who took minutes, what reports did the board give on finances, or state of the station, or mission accomplishments in education? Was there any attempt to follow standing rules or by-laws for running the annual membership meeting? Sounds like elections didn't follow rules either (as realized at the 2007 meeting).