Thursday, October 28, 2010

WYOU at Willy Street Fair, Sept. 25-26

WYOU volunteer and camera operator Chris Wales sporting his WYOU t-shirt at the Willy Street Fair.

Cimarron, a seven-piece llanera group from Columbia, on stage.

WYOU Technical Director Eric Allin does his magic with his live mixing rig at the Willy Street Fair.

Camera operator Heidi Johnson

Camera operator Jorge Alva-Huerto on the near-stage camera.

Malian singer Khaira ("Nightingale of the North") Arby on stage.

Members of the Khaira Arby band on the super cool monitor of Eric Allin's mixing rig.

WYOU Program Coordinator Robert Lughai in charge at the Willy Street Fair Music Stage.

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars on stage.

WYOU volunteer and camera operator Ivy Suryana at the Willy Street World Music Stage.

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Anonymous said...

I should have taken a picture of myself! I was the man on the streets doing the interviews. :)