Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 21 WYOU 2010 Spring Fundraiser

It's the weekend and in the studio today are some very special folks. First there was Ed Garvey and John Nichols with their special guest Bill McKibben, author of the book, Eaarth.

L-R: Ed Garvey, Bill McKibbon, John Nichols

Then Steve Singer, host of the WYOU program Wisconsin Megaphone welcomed crew members from the new film, Feed the Fish, into the studio. The movie was shot here in Wisconsin. Joining Steve was the writer/director Michael Matzdorff along with producers Nicholas Owen Langholff and Alison Anne Abrohams as well as the Director of Photography Steven Parker.

Feed the Fish crew: L-R Alison Anne Abrohams, Michael Matzdorff, Host Steve Singer, Nicholas Owen Langholff, Steven Parker.

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