Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WYOU Meets the Neighbors

Today, WYOU Producer/Board Member Natalie Hinckley along with fellow producer Jason Miller headed out into the streets, actually just one--Willy Street--to meet our neighbors. Their plan? To introduce WYOU into the neighborhood. They went around and spoke with representatives from business such as Willy Street Co-op, Mother Fools, Shafer Pharmacy, Capitol City Tattoo, Lazy Jane's Cafe, Star Liquor, and more...even the Fire Station.

They scheduled time so they could return this Friday with video camera and microphone in hand. They will be interviewing "our neighbors" about their business, life on Willy Street and answering any questions they may have about WYOU. The footage will then be seen on-air during our upcoming Spring Pledge Drive, March 28-April 10th.

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