Monday, June 1, 2009

What Does WYOU Mean to You?

We need WYOU to stay active and healthy in its mission. I see the true mission of community access televeision to be to enhance and promote community interests and awareness. One thing which is highly valuable about WYOU and community television nation-wide is the force to serve as an incubator for alternative voices, as well as to counteract the corporate saturation of mainstream media voices, which by inherent nature, has particular interests guiding its content.

Not being encumbered by the strict rules of profit methods means being able to air shows that are important for the community, but have not developed enough, or do not hold the financial backing, to reach the attention of the corporate world, but still deserve to be aired and feed the communities' needs for a healthy future.

Such shows as West African Experience, En Vivo, Madison Progressive Voices and other alternative shows give voice to the various members of the Madison Community in the media, where there are no other current local outlets. Undoubtedly, these shows contribute to the health of the local community and provide an interaction between diverse populations within the area.

While WYOU, has been around a long time, its potential to be a fully developed avenue for community voices has still yet to be realized. In part, this situation is due to the need for an impetus to move forward, better organizational capabilities (which require additional community funding support, that's you!) and a vote of support for including community voices to the media elements of our individual lives. Make your voice heard! Make It Yours! The NEW WYOU!

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