Saturday, May 2, 2009

'Collide-a-scopes Gallery Night: Experimental Video Art at Dance Fabulous Studio

WYOU and Dance Fabulous Studio collaborated last night for a successful Gallery Night event of experimental video art and dance.

The space was flooded with video images projected onto multiple screens, crossing dancing artists and capturing their movements in dimensions totally unique. WYOU offered 'Collide-a-scopes' to the open house city-wide free art-venue shows. 'Collide-a-scopes' was a unique and innovative collaborative by Eric Allen, WYOU technical director, and Heidi Johnson, veteran producer of the WYOU show Sleep Walks. The combination of dance performance, videoed re-mixed live and projection back onto the multiple screens in the space was spectacular. The show fused modern improvisational dance with international performances from Dance Fabulous' downtown on Henry St. Uniquely creative and avant garde, the show was intriguing to all who attended. 'Collide-a-scopes' may have truly created a unique and veritable life-size walk-through inter-cultural artistic kaleidoscope.

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