Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Skitty Show

And now for something completely different...

Phone into (608) 258-8006 every Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Chat with 8-year-old Luke Kokinos on his half-hour live Skitty Show, and let him know you're watching. Topics range from the latest video games to home-made video skits. Call in and join the fun!

See repeats each Thursday early morning at 12:30 am and then again at 10:30 am.


mtallport1 said...

WHy would someone waste their time watching a spoiled brat with a local TV show.....ohhh I'm popular, I'm POPULAR!!! My daddy or soccer mommy knows someone and got me on tv. *eyeroll*

wyou staff said...

Well, here's the thing. You don't have to have a rich daddy or a soccer mommy with connections to some high ranking corporate insider to have a TV show. All you need is a vision. That's what's great about community television--anyone can create a show.

And yet, while everyone is free to create a TV show, very few people actually have what it takes to make it happen. Luke, at age eight, is proving that he has the vision, dedication and the sheer courage to host a live television program. And says a lot!

Anonymous said...

In addition to having his own show, Luke already runs tax-free tobacco in 3 states, has a chop-shop, a pawn-shop, and 2 liqour stores... pretty good for an 8-year-old. I was 13 before I had all that!

But yeah, WYOU is there for anybody, and I mean ANYBODY!

You could do a show about your identity-theft operations, attempts at brain tumor removal, ill-informed opinions on celebrities, etc.

and who says the Skitty Show is popular? Cable access is more about making shows than watching shows. I make my own show, it's unwatchable! and you think Skitty sucks...

Taylor said...

To mtallport1, you suck and to all, IT'S CABLE ACCESS!
We run on a small budget and our studio is smaller than your house. Luke is doing a show for the heck of it and is getting better. Cable Access is for all of us and if you want to be on TV, go to 609 E. Washington Ave. in Madison, Wi. HAVE A LOOK

-Taylor, Host of another cable access show, Taylor's Tech Tips

Taylor said...
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Taylor said...

to anonymous above I know who you are.

wyou staff said...

dear mtallport1;

thank you for your blog comment. While it may seem to you that I am a spoiled brat, I am not. I happen to volunteer my time at a local access tv station and learned how a live tv show was done. I like being a producer and have ideas for movies and skits. There are many things I still have to learn about doing a live show, it is kinda like being in school, I have things to learn. My show is about having other kids showing Madison things they like to do.

if you are interested in being on the show or if you have things you like to do i encourage you to find ways to make it happen. My mom helps drive me to the show, she gives me some ideas, but she makes sure I do the things that make this show happen.

Thanks again for writing and let me know if you want to be on the show.


mtallport1 said...

omg... I was being sarcastic! and no I don't wanna be on da show. I'm not appealing to look at, that's why I do radio. So relax, you doin ok. My goodness the fun stops when things are taken way to serious. I saw the show and thought it was cute, for a kid show. Good luck :p

Anonymous said...

It's time one of us speaks out!

Skitty is abusive to most of his employees and doesn't pay in-full or on-time. The first time I worked on the show, he took the price of my uniform (an expensive silk gorilla suit) out of my cut. This resulted in a negative paycheck! He figured I owed him!

In addition to the abuse and paycheck fraud, most of the show staff consists of illegal aliens who double in his car-theft operation and are just working to support their drug habits.

I've called the city and state authorites, but they're either in his pocket or have serious fears of retribution, based on what happened to Jake Long (the only known death by paper cuts), Hillary Blaspo (a house cat could NEVER have done that), and Huey "two-tone" Jackson (now three-tones, in Lincoln Mortuary), not to mention that school bus "accident" of last year. They won't touch him or the show.

They say "you can't fight city hall"

mtallport1 said...

OMG ! This water doesn't taste right! I think I added too much ice, now it's all watered down :(
I want to be a Geologist, but I know absolutely nothing about the human body :(